Meeting Times:

Most term time Fridays from 19:00 to 21:00.

About Us:

We are a busy and active Scout Troop for young people from 10½ to 14 years of Age.

The Scout Troop is a friendly environment where there is mutual respect between Scouts and Leaders. Unlike at Cubs and Beavers Scout Leaders are addressed by their first names.

The main goals in scouts revolve around adventure and skills/personal development. This has a greater emphasis on outdoor adventure with longer duration camps than Cubs over an extended period of the year with events such as Feb Freezer Camp or October half term camps.

There are also longer hikes including night hikes which involve the use of skills such as using a compass and a map which will be covered at our normal meetings.

Don’t think that just because we are having a Troop meeting at the hut that we will be indoors the whole time, There are outdoor activities we can do there to, small scale pioneering and cooking on altar fires are just two that spring readily to mind.

For more information or to enquire about a space please contact Phil Jarvis- Scout Leader and ADC Cub Scouts Uxbridge and District

by email:

by telephone: 07881953077

Upcoming Events:

District Night Hike- Details to follow